Guard Her Heart - Encouraging Fathers to Guard their Daughter's Heart

How Important is a Dad in a Daughter's Life?

I first thought of this question as a teenager, long before marriage and having children entered my mind. I remember clearly the impact a song by Steve and Annie Chapman had on my life. It's called "Her Daddy's Love". I don't want to infringe upon the Chapman's copyright so I'll only quote a portion of the song:

Daddy, you're the man in your little girl's dreams.
You are the one, she wants to please.
There's a place in her heart that can only be filled,
with her Daddy's love…

It's Daddy's love that she's looking for.
Don't send her away to another man's door.
Nobody else can do what you do.
She just needs her Daddy's love.

(I highly recommend  this song for all FODs*. You can find it on the Chapman's Tools for the Trade CD as well as on their An Evening Together CD.)

When I heard this song as a teenager, I didn't realize I would one-day be the father of three daughters. I just knew how it touched me. And I saw girls in my peer group that seemed to live this song out. I saw girls who were desperate for attention and affection. I saw many of these same girls do things they'd later regret looking to fill a genuine emptiness with artificial love. Maybe there was more to this song than I realized.

Little did I realize that about the same time my wife-to-be, Lori, was deeply affected by the same song. Her father and mother divorced when she was six and she experienced a deep wound in her life that carried ramifications into her adult life. God blessed her with a godly step-father who became a "daddy" to her when she was 10. But there was still a void in her life that nagged at her for many years.

After we were married I learned more about the effect Lori's parents' divorce and her father's subsequent absence from her life had on her. I rejoiced with her later as the Lord gave her a complete reconciliation with him. And I thank God that He has healed her hurting heart. But she went through a lot of emotional and mental distress that we don't want our daughters to go through.

Thus this site. It's just beginning. It will have more "stuff" in the future, articles, resources, discussion boards, etc. But this is a beginning.

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