Guard Her Heart - Encouraging Fathers to Guard their Daughter's Heart


Here are some interesting links I've found in surfing the web and reading up on father/daughter relationships. All external links will open in a new browser.$FILE/sex_fatherlove.html - A 27-year old single woman looks at her present frustration with love and at her quest in the past for love and acceptance that could only be found in her "father's love." - Life Line, Summer 2002. Newsletter put out by Men's Life, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church. - Father/Daughter Purity Ball as written about by Focus on the Family. - Dr. James Dobson's response to a father who asked about his influence on his daughter's life towards boys. - Special section  on Focus on the Family's website for single fathers (of daughters). - National Center for Fathering. - "Angels Sweeping Heaven". A touching short story from another father of three daughters. - Dennis and Barbara Rainey of Family Life Today 

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