Guard Her Heart - Encouraging Fathers to Guard their Daughter's Heart


Folks who know me know I like to make up words. Sometimes I do it to communicate an idea that I can't otherwise express in one word. So I make one up. Other times I simply make them up because it's fun! Here are definitions to words and acronyms used throughout this website.

FOD - Father of a Daughter.

<G> - This stands for "GRIN". This is how I express that I'm kidding or that I'm laughing at what I've written. Ex., "The good thing about being a FOD is that when your young daughter says she has to go to the bathroom while eating out, you get to keep on eating! <G>"

Intentionality - the act of doing something intentionally or on purpose with forethought. Ex., "We need to express love to our daughters with intentionality, not just hope they know we love them."  I've been using this word for quite some time but have recently seen it used by others so maybe I didn't invent it.

Squozen - having been squeezed. Similar to squished. Ex, "When you sit in the middle seat on the airplane between two big guys, you feel squozen." Rhymes with "frozen".

Teenagerhood - the time between ages 13-19, inclusive. We speak of childhood and adulthood, why not teenagerhood?

Teenagerism - Any expression or mannerism by a teenager that makes sense to other teenagers or characterizes the speaker as a teenager. Examples of teenagerisms include needing to have the phone surgically removed from the ear for having talked for hours on end to teenager friends, pausing only long enough to use call waiting to talk to other teenager friends and gobble down unbelievable amounts of pizza all while surfing the Internet and Instant Messaging 6 friends at the same time. OK, one example is enough.

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